Due to our belonging to an international networks leading in Freight Forwarding, MEDITERRANEAN LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS (MLS) enjoy the expertise and the serious offered by their international partners, and insures its transport operations in time and with all reliability from/to European Union, Middle - Far East and from all the Mediterranean.

Our human resources: Factor of performance

  • Reactivity, reliability and celerity are factors of our performance to meet your requirements and your commitments to your customers through a dedicated team.

  • Our team with its experience is at your disposal to ensure consistent quality of service.

Our corporate culture :

    MEDITERRANEAN LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS (MLS) bases its development on a strong culture. It is marked by the primacy given to employees. It is built on principles such as teamwork, accountability and respect.

    The Culture of MLS is based on six values:

  • Employees are the primary value of our company.

  • The customer is the reason for the company. His satisfaction is our only goal.

  • Professionalism can provide solutions at the best cost.

  • Self-respect, others and the environment inspires our everyday behavior.

  • Training given to men how to increase their knowledge and enhance their professional lives.

Our added values :

  • A wide presence in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North Africa

  • Ability to develop a solution to organize transport "door to door"

  • A one contact can inform you about the position of your goods

  • A secure flows and guaranteed traceability of these flows

  • A solutions that provide the best balance between your time constraints and cost

  • A selected and reliable network of partner airlines and maritime

  • The management of customs formalities with rigor and interpersonal skills